Staffs & Fellows

Founding Director

Dr. Mohamed Husein Gaas

Mohamed Husein Gaas is the founding Director of Raad Peace Research Institute and a Research Associate at the Conflict Research Program(CRP)-London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). He holds a PhD in Development Studies from the Norwegian University in Aas, Norway and has previously. Previously, he assumed mid to senior level teaching, research, management, advisory and fellowship positions at the International Relations and Development Studies master programmes at the Norwegian University of Life SciencesFafo Institute for Applied International Studies, Peace Research Institute Oslo(PRIO), and the UN in the Horn of AfricaHis current research focuses on conflict preventionpeacebuilding, state building and governance in the Horn of Africa.

Deputy Director

Prof. Yahya Ibrahim

Professor Yahya Ibrahim is the Deputy Director of Raad Peace Research Institute. Professor Yahya is the most prominent economists in Somalia and has been extensively used as a consultant by DFID, USAID, World Bank and IMF, UNDP, and the Transitional Federalof Somalia. He has also been the Dean of the Department of Economics of Mogadishu University, and worked in various research, and advisory positions including advising the Somalia’s President(2012-2017) and serving as a briefing expert to the UN Security Council on Somalia.

Research Director

Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Osman

Prof. Dr. Abdulkadir Osman Farah is a Research Director at Raad Peace Research Institute. He  teaches and researches at Aalborg University on Migration, Development, Transnational Encounters and Connections, Transnational NGOs, New- regionalism and Transnational State Formation. He serves as an associate editor of Somali Studies Journal as well as the editorial review boards of a number of journals focusing on political development and political sociology in the African context. His latest books include: “Somalis: Transnational Communities and the Transformation of Nation and State”, Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd (2016); “Transnational NGOs: Creative Connections of Development and Global Governance”, Aalborg University Press, Denmark” (2014); “China-Africa Relations in an Era of Great Transformations” Ashgate Publishing: London UK (2013)”.

Office Manager


FOWZIA ABDULHAFID HUSSEIN is the Read’s Mogadishu Office Manager. she has worked for various international NGOS  and the UNICEF in Somalia and holds a bachelor’s degree in management  and Business administration.

Office Manager

Clifford Collins Omondi

Clifford Collins Omondi Okwany is Raad”s Nairobi Office manager. He is a political scientist trained in Kenya and Norway and isconsidered international security and foreign policy an expert  and specialises in ontological security, conflict and violence includingcommunal violence, and armed non-state actor.

Prof. Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen

Stig Hansen

Prof. Dr. Stig Jarle Hansen is a Senior Fellow and special advisor at Raad Peace Research Institute. He works primarily within the fields of organized crime, religion and politics and political theory. Geographically, his focus is on the wider East and the Horn of Africaregions (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia Uganda, Yemen) and the middle East.  His latest book, ‘Al-Shabaab in Somalia’ was critically acclaimed by Foreign Policy and The Economist, amongst others. Hansen is a world expert on Islamism in the Horn of Africa and the Shabaab Group, and has commented for CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, CCTV 4 and many other international media outlets. He is currently leading Norway’s only Master program in International Relations.

Prof. Dr. Abdi Gele

Prof. Dr. Abdi Gele is a Senior Fellow at Raad Peace Research Institute. He has received his PhD in Epidemiology from University of Oslo. His main research interests span the fields of conflicts nexus health, health governance, as well as maternal and reproductive health, epidemiology, health promotion, intervention and evaluation of health polices in Africa. He currently supervises two PhD and four master students, and he authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles, mostly about the health of Somali people in the Horn of Africa and immigrants in Europe. Currently, he is a visiting professor at the School of Public Health & Research, Somali National University. 

Dr. Amina Jama Mahmud

Dr Amina Jama Mahmud

Dr Amina Jama Mahmud is a Senior Fellow at Raad Peace Research Institute. She holds a PhD in Applied Health Technology, a master’s in media and Communications for Development from Sweden and is a Research Associate at Uppsala University in Sweden. Her research focuses on political massaging, public opinion formulation, protracted displacement, gender, and social inclusion and has published extensively on these issues. She has worked in the past as a senior policy advisor for the Federal Somali Government and is currently working as a Program Director for Save the Children International