About Us

About Us

The Raad Peace Research Institute (RPRI) is a premier and dynamic non-profit research think tank committed to promoting peace, security, and sustainable development in Somalia and the East African region. Founded in 2021, RPRI is headquartered in Mogadishu, Somalia, and has additional offices in Jubaland and Hirshabelle regional states, and in Nairobi, Kenya. It is staffed by an interdisciplinary team of world-class experts with unparalleled expertise in Somalia and the region and a wide range of fields, including economics, environmental studies, political science, international relations, security studies, anthropology, development, foreign policy, and public health studies. We are committed to excellence and leverage our deep knowledge of the region’s diverse societies, politics, culture, and language to generate evidence-based research and analyses and innovative policy debates. At RPRI, we believe that collaboration is the key to success and therefore, we work closely with a broad network of partners, including local communities, civil society organizations, academic institutions, governments, and international organizations, to ensure that our research is grounded in the realities of the region and provides actionable insights to inform policy decisions. Whether it’s tackling critical issues such as conflict resolution, climate security, preventing and countering violent extremism, governance, education, health, or economic development, RPRI is dedicated to making a tangible and sustainable impact on the ground. To learn more and stay UpToDate about our activities, research, publications, and events,  visit our staff and publication section of the website and follow us on Twitter at @PeaceRaad.

What We Do

With a staff that has a collective experience of more than two decades of research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and project implementation, Raad provides context-based and more nuanced research, analysis, and advisory supported by extensive subject, cultural,  and country and region-specific competency to local and international institutions and organisations. 


Raad researchers have implemented extensive peace-building and reconciliation initiatives and strategic projects across Somalia, assisting authorities and clients to overcome context-related issues, policy gaps, and challenges to peace-building and reconciliation. We are highly competent in peacebuilding, and reconciliation and possess reputable, strong relations with local authorities, communities, and civil society in Somalia and the region .



Raad has shown its ability to develop innovative methodologies and strive for excellence in whatever it does. Our extensive presence throughout the region set us apart and ensures that we delivered with great satisfaction. 





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